The Religious Leader of Church Accept the Islam

When I was the leader or religious leader of a church in Africa that had 100,000 followers for fifteen years, I was sleeping in a small room of this church and I dreamed that someone said to me, “I still remember that voice.” Why should you and your people wear white clothes, I said to them, Muslim clothes? Then he said that it is a dream of his, but for the second time I saw that dream, I saw it again for the third time, that voice was very strong, he told me with a lot of power, “Khalg Khabar”, then it was me. I went to the church, how can I convince them, may God Almighty make it easy for them, they agreed with me, that the second assembly was held, all of them were wearing white clothes, accepted Islam. Then he said to me, are you going to Hajj? I said, “I will now take steps where the Messenger of God took steps.”

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