Sultan Mahmud of Ghaznavi

Says that…!![BR]Sultan Mahmud of Ghazvanid told his brother Bahlul to go to the stones of the butcher’s scales on which the meat is cut.[BR][BR]Bahlul agreed, he went to the market, he saw that the stone of the first butcher was very small, he asked the butcher, how is life going?[BR]The butcher said, today or tomorrow, people will hear that I have this knife in my chest, I am so tired of life![BR][BR]Bahlul left, the second butcher’s knife that he hit was also a little less than its size.[BR]Bahlul asked him, how is life going?[BR]The butcher wept, saying that he wished Allah had not created. My life is very bad, tired, uncomfortable and dishonorable![BR]Bahlul left.[BR][BR]He looked at the third butcher’s stone, the weight was perfect.[BR]He asked the butcher;[BR]How is life going?[BR]The butcher said; Thank from Allah, I have a very good life, my children, wife, house, property and country are better than most people, I am very happy![BR]Bahlul left, when he reached Sultan Mahmud, Sultan asked him; How were the butchers stones?[BR][BR]Bahlul said; A few butchers had fewer stones![BR]Sultan said; So why did you punish me?[BR]Bahlul said; Allah was punishing, those whose stones were few, did not have a good day.[BR][BR]Today, the situation of Muslims in the world is not good, they have similar stories, the majority of people are honest, truthful and pure in their worldly life.[BR]does not have.




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