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Rocky flintoff

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Rocky flintoff

Rocky Flintoff, an English radio and television host, was born Andrew. He was a former cricket player as well. Since series 27, he and Paddy McGuinness have co-presented for Top Gear.

How many children does Freddie Flintoff have?

Together, Freddie and Rachael have four kids.

Rocky, Holly, Preston, and Corey Flintoff’s children are all members of the family.

Holly, their daughter, was born in 2004 and was their first child. They welcomed Corey shortly after, followed by Rocky, another son, in 2008. The couple then revealed that they had welcomed their fourth child— another boy— the previous Christmas in April 2020. They even gave their youngest Preston a name in honor of the Lancashire city where Freddie was raised, according to him.

Who is the mother of Freddie Flintoff’s children?

Since their March 2005 wedding, Freddie, 44, and Rachael Wools have been the epitome of marital bliss. Former model Rachel, 42, oversaw Strawberry Promotions, a prosperous events business, from the time she was 19 until 2006.

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