Block chain ? You Need To Know

Block chain? You Need To Know

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Block chain? You Need To Know

In this article you will learn about what block chain is? And which are the top crypto currency. This article will help you to get better understanding about  block chain and crypto currency.

What is block chain?

Block chain is one of the most popular technologies at this time. We can use it in daily life like: crypto wallet. But still we didn’t know how we can use it in best way.

Learn More About Tech

Blockchain is the technology in which the data of a person stored and secure in a square like block. The square types of blocks are connected to each other by a long chain. In blocks our data store in the hash format Like: “ 8b1a9953c4611296a827abf8c47804d7” this is a encrypted massage which means hello. That’s why it is called the blockchain.

Security of Blockchain

If we talk about blockchain’s security there are lot of people who successfully crack the algorithm of blockchain like MD5 and SHA1. And if we talk about our privacy then my opinion is we are in safe hands. Bitcoin’s algorithm is the first blockchain algorithm in the history. And till know no one can crack its algorithm. Because it is highly complicated and need lot of efforts. Researchers give SHA265 name to the bitcoin’s algorithm.

History of Blockchain

When we hear anything about blockchain the first thing comes to our mind is satoshi nakamoto. He was introducing this world to blockchain and crypto currency. When he discovers blockchain he faces lot of problems like: people didn’t trust him, He face lot of rejections. After lot of failure he finely creates a coin named BitCoin.

Learn More About Bitcoin Cryptocurrency and blockchain

After developing Bitcoin he writes a book which is very popular in blockchain developers. Lot of researchers read it when they are trying to be a block chain developer.

Advantages of Block Chain

We can get lot of benefits from blockchain and at this time we really need block chain technology in our work. Blockchain give us very big opportunity to make our future more bright and successful. There are some benefits of block chain are given below:

  • Block chain is very secure and highly protect with very complicated algorithms
  • Block chain gives us crypto currency like Bitcoin.
  • It is highly use in our businesses
  • Lot of hospitals have their recodes safe with the help of block chain
  • We didn’t need banks if we have block chain explained in bellow.

We didn’t need banks anymore because we have block chains. Block chain transfer our money person to person (P2P) it means there is no fee in the block chain’s transactions.

Will blockchain work as a cloud

Cloud is one of the major ability to enhance the data in computer system. We can say that clouds also connect the communication tools all over the world. Due to this huge source of data storage and many types of clouds was found in last some years. There are some kinds are given below;

  • Public cloud storage
  • Community cloud storage
  • Hybrid cloud storage

Block chain on the cloud prefer faster data management. With the help of cloud blockchain architecture, stored several copies of same data on multiple nodes of devices.

Applications to know by top block chain

Blockchain has applications in various fields including all these as a:

  • Money transfer.
  • Healthcare.
  • Logistics.
  • Internet of things. (IoT)
  • Government.
  • Personal identity security.

Blockchain are designed and developed to make business process more efficient and transparent, secured and successful in every field of life as well as in industries.

Does Mean of Block chain platforms?

A platform is a huge group of technologies. That is developed as a base upon other applications, processes and technologies which are developed. It also acts as a foundation of blockchain computing, platform refers to basic software’s. Blockchain platform also play a vital to make this blockchain newest and friendliest technology launched in the market. Blockchain platforms ranked with the passage of time. If we talk about top blockchain platforms to explore in 2022 we can see here:

  • XDC Network
  • Tezoz
  • Hyperledger Fabric
  • Hyperledger sawtooth
  • Stellar

Which are latest interesting facts about block chain?

The scope of Blockchain technology is very highly secure. A blockchain developer can easily earn $150,000 per year. Blockchain is very interesting technology. If someone tries to solve some complicated things then he must have to come in this field. Blockchain is also use in cyber security. And being anonymous. According to lot of researchers the 35% of blockchain are using in the illegal works: Like Drug selling etc.


If a thing has advantages then it also has disadvantages like: It is very dangers in bad hands. If we use it in a good way then it is highly beneficial for us. Like if you are an owner of any company then you have to secure you company’s data that’s why you must have to use blockchain. Our suggestion is this: If you take interest in it then you must go in this field and be a good developer and make your life adventures.

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